Shrooms Film You Probably Didn’t Know About

One interesting thing about the movie industry is that it injects other aspects of society, giving it the spotlight. For example, in 2007, it introduced a film entitled Shrooms. To an unfamiliar pair of eyes, it could be anything, from mushrooms to just a regular story that depicts a confusing plot. To those who are well aware of what shrooms are, it is a delightful offering to their trippy senses.

Shrooms – The Movie

Not many are aware of this film. For one, unlike other films that hit the theaters, this was somewhat controlled, perhaps due to its storyline and plot. However, for those who are interested in it, copies are available across different sources, allowing them to enjoy the interesting highlights of this infamous movie offer.

There were several reviews about this movie. The opinions are somewhat polarized, mixed with some overreactions. Shrooms, to some, is a decent movie that offers a promising storyline when you start to watch it. One reason for this is because of its solid direction tricks. It was quite impressive actually. Eventually, however, it failed in some respects. It failed to be consistent in the delivery of its story, even failing at defying genres.

As you start to watch the movie, it easily grabs your attention as it presents some good characters. They were also able to showcase the remote set. You will also enjoy the series after series of character development, with the story quickly flowing to introduce the intended mood, well thanks to the main character talking about a legend, with another character in the story consuming mushrooms.

The Plot

The story behind Shrooms is quite a basic, yet interesting one. Three couples travel to the woodlands of Ireland to collect magic mushrooms and eventually enjoy the perks of it. As they go their way, they started to meet strange inhabitants in the area. Not long enough, they started hearing the freaky story which was told at a campfire, which was not a mere story.

This was when strange things started to happen, with people beginning to disappear, and silhouettes starting to move right into the woods. They then realized that the creepy story that they heard has started to become a reality. The concept behind blurring the boundary between imagination and reality is nice in this regard, working well after that horror punch with the effect of consuming mushrooms.

The only problem with the movie is its pacing. It is slow, not even picking up until it reached near-end. While it is not a bad movie, it lacked some punch. Among the favorite features of the movie include the nice and modern elements such as the usual washed-out colors, nice tripping ideas, with the speaking cow as the top pick, as well as the setup of being in a haunted woods and the classic campfire story.

Flawed But Exciting

While many think that this movie is filled with flaws, some still choose to watch it, especially when they are tripping on shrooms. This means that if you are already high on shrooms and are dealing with those vivid hallucinations and images, watching this movie will make you even more lost in the world of hallucinations.

Other Movies to Watch While Tripping On Shrooms

The fun does not end there. Other movies could be fun to watch when tripping with Shrooms.

  • Avatar

This movie is a 2009 epic science-based fiction film which was written and directed by none other than James Cameron. The movie is set in the middle of the 22nd century, with human beings mining a valuable mineral unobtanium. The colors in the movie, including the unrealistic yet mind-bumming storyline will certainly make one who is tripping on Shrooms glued right on to their seats.

  • Doctor Strange

This 2016 superhero film is based on the character from Marvel Comics. After a car collision that ended the career of a brilliant neurosurgeon, Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange) starts repairing his hands but ended up finding himself becoming a superhero as he started to protect the world against inter-dimensional dangers and threats.

  • Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

If you want something sweet to accompany your high, the treats you will see in this movie will certainly give you a joyful ride. It comes in the form of a musical fantasy movie which was an adaptation of the famous novel from 1964. It tells the interesting story of the character, Charlie Bucket after he received a Golden Ticket to visit the chocolate factory. The interesting play of characters, the music, and additional scoring will certainly give your trippy mind a sense of overwhelming euphoria.

  • Fantasia

If you are interested in old but good movies, Fantasia is a good choice for you. It is an animated film that comes in 8 animated segments which are separated into pieces of a series of classic music. Thus, it is a musical treat that will certainly lift your spirits as you feel high.

  • Alice in Wonderland

This computer-animated and live-action adventure film cast together some interesting stars from Hollywood. The visual style and the overall special effects used in the production of this film are interesting enough to make it one of the best choices that you could have while high on Shrooms.


Watching a movie about Shrooms, or under its power is a specific experience, altering the reality of not just the world you are in, but also the movie that you are watching. It will be a memorable activity for sure. The high that is offered by mushrooms is a spiritual and visual one. For bright, fun, intense plots and cinematography, these movies are no doubt perfect to be paired with a mushroom high. Just make sure to be fully prepared with all the things that you need and be responsible for them. The next time you plan to trip on mushrooms and are searching for a great movie to enjoy, check the list above, and enjoy the show.

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