Shrooms Preparation Guide for Beginners

There are a lot of factors that affect shroom trips such as the species of the shrooms and the dosage. Shrooms preparation is important, especially if you’re a beginner. Each person reacts differently to various drugs. You should start small and decide how intense your trips will be. Do you want a relaxing high with colorful visuals? How much you should stock up depends on the number of shrooms you wish to take and the number of trips you will be having. 

Shrooms Preparation: Factors to Consider 

  • Set & Setting 

Create a safe, relaxing environment where you can enjoy the trip. Your mental state is also important. Maybe you don’t want your family or other people to know that you’re taking shrooms. Don’t choose a place where they are likely to show up. Moreover, you don’t want to take shrooms the day before a job interview or exam. Stress and anxiety have no place on your trip. By choosing the right environment, you will be able to enjoy your trip with a calm and open mind.  

  • Find a Trip Sitter 

A trip sitter helps you throughout your trip. Find a sober person who has the experience and time to save you from physical harm or police trouble or bring what you need. Your trip sitter will be there with you throughout the trip to keep you safe and comfortable. 

  • Dosage 

Don’t take the full dose right away because you’re just starting. Some species of shrooms are also stronger than others. Start slow and increase the dosage once you’ve reached the peak. A quarter gram is a threshold dose, the dosage necessary for you to start experiencing the effects of the shrooms. Your senses might be altered a bit and colors might look brighter to you. The right dosage, however, depends on the mental state and weight of the user. 

A medium dose is about 1 to 2 ½ grams of dried shrooms. The effects will be different for each person. Some people reach a complete psilocybin trip with spinning thoughts and intense visuals at this dose. If you don’t know how much you should take, you should start at about 1 ½ gram. Take a smaller dose if you’re sensitive to psychedelics.

Beginners and sensitive trippers might experience shroom nausea at medium doses. Other physical effects include increased heart rate and blood pressure as well as dilated pupils. Full-blown visuals are experienced at this dose. Most people also say that their thought patterns are a bit different. Users experience extreme mood swings between dysphoria and euphoria as well as exaggerated and dynamic emotions. 

A strong dose is between 2 ½ and 5 grams of shrooms. Taking more than 5 grams of shrooms is already considered a heavy dose. Beginners who want to enjoy a full psychedelic trip often take about 3 ½ grams of dried shrooms on the first dose. 

Bad trips can also happen. Beginners who are not used to such trips can have a hard time. The trip will be jarring, fast, and not fun at all. If you’re having a bad trip, you most likely overdosed or took more than the necessary amount. Common symptoms of overdose include nausea as well as big and round pupils. 

How to Deal with a Bad Trip

Shrooms preparation also includes knowing what to do when you’re having a bad trip. Common signs of a bad trip include intense paranoia, reckless behavior, and dysphoric hallucination. Following the tips stated above can help reduce the risk associated with a shroom trip. Knowing your reason for taking shrooms and being prepared can also make your psychedelic journey more enjoyable and meaningful. 

You can buy mushrooms by the ounce or by the gram. Buy shrooms from a specialist store or trustworthy smart shop. If possible, purchase from shops that weigh the shrooms in front of you. Having a scale is also beneficial because you can weigh the shrooms and measure doses on your own. 

Many people simply look at the pile of mushrooms to see if they got the right amount. Around 10 to 15 individual shrooms weigh around 1/8 of an ounce. You can also look for photos of shrooms to get an idea about what 1/8 ounce of shrooms looks like. If you want to go on a psychedelic journey a few times, you don’t need to get more than this amount. Don’t try to find shrooms in a forest unless you are a mycologist. You can also buy special shroom grow kits if you want to grow shrooms on your own. 

How to Take Shrooms 

There are various ways to take shrooms for your trip. Here are some of them. 

  • Eat Everything 

You can just eat the entire shroom, but make sure to chew properly so that your stomach can easily break down the shrooms. 

  • Juice or Smoothie

Another way to take shrooms is to make a smoothie with it. Crush the shrooms and add it to your favorite juice. The body absorbs liquid faster, so you may experience the effects sooner. You can also pour the crushed shrooms into the blender. Pulse the blender several times to mix it well. 

  • Tea

One gram of dried shrooms can make one cup of shroom tea. Add the dried shrooms to boiling water and wait till the shrooms have sunk to the bottom. Don’t boil the mushrooms for over an hour because it will reduce the shroom’s potency. Transfer the shrooms and liquid into a mason jar and shake it. This will help the shrooms shrink faster. You can also stir the tea so that you can drink it sooner. Drinking everything will help you experience the effects faster. The effects, however, may not be intense. You can also break up the shrooms into powder to make the caps and stems sink faster.

Wrapping it Up 

Fasting will make your trip more enjoyable and stronger because your stomach will be so much calmer. Try to fast for 12 hours or one whole day before the trip. Drink lots of water. You can eat fruit if you get hungry. 

Shroom tripping can deliver an amazing experience, provided that it is explored properly. Always remember that shrooms preparation must be approached carefully. Even a good trip can be intense and profoundly enlighten you.

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