What do Shrooms Visuals Look Like

After consuming magic mushrooms, you will be experiencing various tripping levels. This is due to the active substances, psychoactive properties, and lysergic acid diethylamide it includes that can give you different visuals. 

Shroom visuals have different levels and they typically vary from unutterable pretenses, colors, shades, shapes up to various patterns that are very indescribable. Though they may be sometimes impossible as it seems, they feel real. 

In this article, we will be talking about what shrooms visuals look like. We will be discussing various shroom visuals linkage to your magic mushroom tripping. 

Shroom Visuals

Different types of shroom visuals will follow after you consume magic mushrooms as part of your tripping. 

This includes indescribable insight in the nonexistence of your outward provocation which includes real pre-eminence. It also introduces a stimulating feeling, flash of images, and other things that are caused by hallucinogenic substances absorbed by the body. 

These visuals fall under various types. 


One of the most commonly regarded shroom visuals is hallucination. In understanding this type of visuals, we will be needing to understand its two varieties. They are internal and external hallucinations. 

Internal hallucinations

Internal hallucination is a type of hallucination that occurs within your imagination without the association of the real world. It is considerably all about the imaginative aspect of the vision. 

Typically, internal hallucinations begin with a little picture in front of your eyes but will not emanate through your complete vision. What it typically looks like is an imaginative vision of distributed images in your sight background. 

The images you usually see with this type of hallucination is not real but its quality seems to be true. If your shroom visuals is an internal hallucination, it can be a standard or higher level. Sometimes, there are small and fully incorporated images of visions and views. 

One good example of it is illusions and dreams. During an internal hallucination, you will feel that your trip is unreal but resembles reality. You may be encountering some unreal images and even interact with them. And making internal hallucinations much more intense can happen by closing your eyes. 

External hallucination

External hallucination, on the other hand, is a type of hallucination that looks like a vision alteration. It typically starts with a usual image or real images in your background such as human creatures, animals, normal objects, situations, and the like. These images can transform into a completely exaggerated form that does a significant part in your shroom tripping. 

The usual object that you will be able to visualize in this type of hallucination will be related or familiar to you but your environment and the images you see have improved specifications and details. Moreover, external hallucination is normally viewed as seeing normal things in a very abnormal aspect.

Intense movement of objects

In this type of visual, you will be able to see moving objects and human beings. Objects may include moving cars and creatures like animals. If you imagine watching a movie or playing games, they are those of moving cars, shuttering objects, and the like, and they are depicted with their real color and shapes. 

The intense movement of objects may be seen with a complete picture, translucent, or entirely lucid. And they sometimes linger for a while or a short period. And they sometimes can be difficult to be recognized unless you look at it in a steady and direct position. 

Distortion of  images

Just like the intense movement of objects, distortion of images is a type of shroom visuals that show up in your vision just like a real object. However, though real objects show up in the vision, they typically disappear in a short period. 

This visual normally corresponds to the bright light image after looking directly at a glowing light or sun. The way it fades is not that smooth. The object begins to start looking blurry at the back of the moving images. 


Amplification is another type of shroom visuals that typically is being described as the intensification of vision. Just like what its name itself implicates, this type of visuals seems to make images and objects you see a little larger and amplified. As the high effect begins, the images give greater details and become enlarged even if you look at them from afar. 

The amplification of vision is not considered usual. But when it happens, it can only experience in a very short period as mentioned earlier. It typically gets improved when you look far from the images. 

Intensification of color

The intensification of color is technically known as the classic shroom visuals. As its name suggests, the color you see on an object or image gets intensified and gets a little much brighter. It makes the brightness of the color of an image improve. 

Let’s say you see a blue bag, it gets bluer and intensified. Just like other colors such as red and green, the color gets more vivid. A highly regarded color intensification even presents an unusual color in the vision. 

Intensification of the object’s structure

The intensification of an object’s structure is a type of shroom visual that is described nearly like the intense movement of objects. As human beings can identify important structures or patterns of an object, people’s faces, animals’ distinction, and the like, this type of shroom visuals allows you to see what is not even present in that certain object. 

One good example of this type of visuals is the cabinet that looks like a fat guy, or a tree that looks like a human. 

Complete quality image

Complete quality image is another type of shroom visuals that is typically described as the improvement of object quality. It makes every image and perception get clearer and with good quality. The details of your vision are pretty distinct, direct, and even established. The tips and points of the vision are very specific and detailed. 

In a normal human eye, the vision is very limited. But with this type of visuals, the images get improved and enhanced. The way you see things are normal, but with greater aspects. The sceneries and views while you are tripping become more beautiful and enticing. 


Magic mushrooms are also called shrooms to have the same effects as the influence of the power of hallucinogen; they include the said substance when extracted or absorbed by the body.  Both shrooms and hallucinogens are drugs relating to influencing one’s mental state. 

There are lots of people who report shroom trippings to be very mild but they technically give great effects especially when you are tripping as there are various visuals you will be encountering. The above list of visuals will be able to help you understand the different effects you will be experiencing while tripping. 

So, with that fact, it is very important to know what you are getting into before even consuming shrooms.

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