Smoking Shrooms: Is it Possible?

Psychedelics are making noise not just on the cannabis community. Magic Mushrooms are also getting more attention as they are a big source of psychedelic and a hallucinogenic compound called psilocybin.

Just like a weed, it can bring about strong psychedelic high which most trippers are after. But the question is, is smoking shrooms possible?

Without a doubt, the answer is an easy YES. But in reality, that won’t be an easy yes because there are several things that you need to consider before you end up smoking shrooms. 

What is a magic mushroom?

Magic mushrooms are fungi that contain a psychedelic substance called psilocybin. This substance or the psilocybin provides the magic mushroom its psychoactive effects. This is also the reason why they are called magic mushrooms. 

The effects of magic mushroom can bring about the distortion of time, colors and sounds seemed to be enhanced and vivid. It will also allow you to feel intense euphoria. Too much magic mushroom could also lead to a bad experience that may result in anxiety, paranoia, nervousness, and panic attacks. 

Magic mushrooms come in many forms and kinds and they are also called by many names. They are called shrooms, mushies, golden tops, liberty caps, liberties, Amani, agaric, and philosopher’s stone.

Unfortunately, possession and selling of mushroom in most places are still prohibited because it contains psilocybin which is a Schedule I drug which means that it is prone to abuse and misuse.

Magic mushroom looks like the typical mushrooms but some of them have bigger caps. They taste different from regular mushrooms as well. They taste earthy and butter. This is the reason that consumers would often infuse them in food and drinks to cover the taste. 

How to go about smoking shrooms?

No one says that smoking magic mushrooms is not possible. It is very much possible but with several precautions. In smoking magic mushroom, you may need a dry piece of magic mushroom and then roll it on a piece of paper.

The selected strain of the magic mushroom should be very dry and then ground it into powder. After that, roll them into a joint alongside another substance like tobacco or cannabis. 

For some psychedelic fans, they prefer smoking and eating magic mushrooms at the same time. They believe that this method improves the strength of their trip. For some, they believe that smoking magic mushrooms temper the intense psychoactive high that the fungus produces a more mellow effect.

Magic mushroom smokers claim that smoking shrooms can bring about the feeling of euphoria, giddiness, uplift their mood, increase their creativity, and heighten their senses as sounds and visuals are becoming clear and vivid. Magic mushroom smokers claim a good trip when smoking magic mushrooms. 

Are there any dangers in smoking shrooms?

Like other substance, there are underlying dangers that come with the use of these substances that contains psychedelic compounds. The fact that they are classified as illegal means that there is danger in it. If you are careful with how you use it then it not going be a problem.

The problem of smoking shrooms lies in the act of smoking itself. It is not the shrooms that make it dangerous. In smoking magic mushroom, you powder them and wrap then into a joint or a bong. The main issue here is that the pores of the mushroom might get stuck on your pores and then into your lungs that is why it is dangerous. 

Smoke magic mushroom smokers also tend to smoke shrooms with weed or tobacco. The danger here is that it may cause inflammation of the chest, throat, or chocking which might lead to risky situations.

The main risk in smoking shrooms is that the pores it contains are airborne and has the tendency to lodge o the smoker’s throat. If this happens, it can cause inflammation in the throat and the chest which can also cause choking. It is a very dangerous situation because once the pores are stuck it will require a long medical procedure to remove it. 

Some people would also smoke a magic mushroom and then eat them at the same time. There are moments that they would smoke magic mushroom and then try it with other substances. The result is a bad trip. The chemicals from the magic mushroom may not be able to work with the chemicals of the other substance resulting in an unpleasant experience. They might experience paranoia, vomiting, intense fear, confusion, headaches, and memory gaps. 

In smoking magic mushrooms, a lot of precautions should be taken into account. For health reasons, it is not very much advisable to smoke magic mushrooms. You can smoke magic mushrooms but you have to take precautionary measures.

Here are some safety tips in smoking shrooms

There is no such thing as a perfectly safe substance use but these steps can make it much safer for you:

  • Mind your dosage. Check the content of your magic mushroom. Make sure that it is something that your body can handle. If you are a new smoker, then choose for strains with mellow effects.
  • Do not hold while inhaling when the smoke. When you are inhaling deep, you are exposing your lungs to toxins for a long time. Exhale right away.
  • Pick the right time and place. When you go on a trip you must be in a familiar place as it will help you relax and keep you safe in case of hallucinations or anxiety attacks.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Magic mushrooms can increase your body’s temperature and it can cause dryness of the mouth and the eyes. 
  • Feed yourself. Make sure to eat something before you go on a trip. 
  • Do not mix smoking shrooms with other substances. This is a completely bad idea because the effects can be unpredictable.

So yes, smoking shrooms is very possible. Nobody says that no one is allowed to smoke magic mushrooms. The only underlying effect that needs consideration is the health reasons that go with it. If you insist on smoking shrooms, make sure to be very careful and go about the facts on how to make it a safer trip for you.

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