Synthetic Magic Mushrooms: Are They for Real?

Due to the increasing usage of magic mushrooms, which, if over-used, can give entire adversities, innumerable research is on the process to somehow lessen the impact the substances deliver. Admittedly, it’s not uncommon that mushrooms have a beneficial side that most people overlook because of shroom dependence, which leads them to believe that it’s nothing but a drug that will slowly destroy your system. To provide a solution that will, hopefully, ease the feelings of consumers, scientists have something to say. Why not make it synthetic?

Synthetic Magic Mushrooms doesn’t necessarily mean the mushroom itself is artificial. What scientists did was to synthesize the active compound found in mushrooms, called “Psilocybin.” For a more comprehensive concept and further information, read more to find out.

Everything you need to know about Synthetic Magic Mushrooms

Despite gaining limited to none resources about magic mushrooms due to its unapproved legality, scientists and medical officials are hell-bent on finding a safer way to allow a substance in a human body’s system. Their study and findings mainly focus on health benefits and lesser side effects. To prove that such a thing is possible, they produced a seemingly unreal subject they call Synthetic magic mushrooms. The truth is, they won’t be releasing synthetic versions of magic mushrooms. It’s not possible to create another life form that will mimic everything from up to down without complexities and future complications. But, what they can do is produce a synthetic version of Psilocybin, responsible for the effects of magic mushrooms.

Aside from health benefits, scientists would like to see if it could serve as an aid in prohibiting excessive smoking, due to a finding that shows the synthetic version’s variety of purposes. They chose the said active compounds because of their popularity among types of mushrooms that existed over time and is a certified hallucinogen that dated back in old times. So far, studies being made on Psilocybin’s alternative effects from undergoing synthesizing is truly promising. Researchers can see the termination of extreme smoking and persistent alcoholism.

For another supporting detail, a study made by General Psychiatry shows that synthetic Psilocybin increased the improvement of their patient’s mood, related to anxiety and advanced-stage of cancer diseases. Still, there’s no plausible way to eradicate severe cancer cases. The improvement made a shocking impact on drugs and substance’s image from a patient’s perception.

What are the effects of Synthetic Magic Mushrooms?

Since Psilocybin is natural psychedelic, you will still have to expect experiences related to psychoactive impacts. Perhaps, the only alteration synthetic versions made is the lessened adversities and more health advantages. Before we get to understand the progress of synthetic varieties, let us know what magic mushrooms initially offers to its users.

For starters, the magic mushroom is most likely to give you undesired sensations, especially when you’re new, and you are under a higher dosage than isn’t fitting to your level. Moreover, the notable benefits are almost none because the primary purpose of the psychoactive compound is to give off hallucinations and delusional mind frame. Alongside are the side effects, which are feeling of nausea and impaired coordination. Meaning, you will not recognize yourself in the process of magic mushroom conception, due to its ability to change everything you viewed before. On the other hand, synthetic mushrooms tend to turn all the impacts over with its exceptional evolvement in the hands of science. In a study made through early clinical trials, Psilocybin is already in the category of most powerful treatments next to cannabis compounds. It only gained its adverse name after users develop mushroom dependence, preventing them from thinking straight and feeling what the compounds should give. The findings garnered from the trial gave scientists a boost to explore further. Now, the synthetic ones are only meant to treat mental disorders, specifically anxiety, depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and addiction, as mentioned before. Therefore, artificial users will experience the opposite of what mushrooms are supposedly giving in the first place, which is a massive step for profound and chronic consumers.

The study’s success paved the way for the pharmaceutical industry to let synthetic versions regain the image of magic mushrooms by thrusting the innovation to the population. Thus, the following summation of information will revolve around industry endorsements and the product’s capability to adhere to every consumer’s needs.

Is it possible to create and re-create Synthetic Magic Mushrooms?

Now that we already know the basics of synthetic magic mushrooms and its effects, let’s proceed to, how real are they? Before diving into in-depth explorations, know that scientists are the ones responsible for such creation. Meaning, there is no solid guarantee that it could go under re-creation and reproducing. Regardless, dedicated researchers and medical authorities are finding ways to make it happen.

According to one lead researcher in Ohio, producing synthetic psilocybin will require producers to think twice before releasing it to the public due to several factors. One is its new face, where it will serve as nothing but a pharmaceutical solution and substance to promote health and medicate sickness. Second is the significant step for biologically-derived versions of psilocybin that will surely allow other addictive substances to undergo research and biological and chemical modifications to prove its advantageous side. Finally, despite having it deemed for medical use, third-party manufacturers will spike interest in recreational user’s minds. Doing so could raise another problem that will require a scientific solution.

But, is it possible to create and reproduce synthetic magic mushrooms? Yes, if dedication and support blend well. Note that there are no charge-free clinical trials and reproducing manufacturers existing as of the moment, which means it will require money to execute the said plan. Furthermore, it will become a challenge in the market due to probably limited stocks that could endanger its name and legality, if approved.

In conclusion, synthetic psilocybin of magic mushrooms is real and distributable to the population if it passes the legalization process. After all, once the studies and difficulties are amended, how sure are we that mushroom is even legal to consume? The legality is still a pending battle that is long overdue, but with the help of underrated assistance that could sprout macro-effects, the conflict is expectable to come to an end.

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