The Medicinal Properties of Mushroom Tea

The humankind has a long love story with the various teas brewed around the world. From the Japanese gardens to the vast plains of China, leaping on the hillsides of sub-Indian Continent and the African fertile soils, flying over the European and American farms, all of these lands have the arid spaces for the plants which are consumed as a tea. However, not all teas are coming from the plants which are properly cultivated and allotted with spacious lands. Some of them came from the fungi scattered around us- the mushrooms. This is how the Mushroom teas are born. Allow this article to let you fully understand the origin and the medicinal properties of mushroom tea.

The Rise of Mushrooms

the medicinal properties of mushroom tea

To clear things up, Mushrooms are not plants. They are parts of the fungi which are growing on their food sources. They are organisms that steal the building blocks of energy from their sources. Since they cannot undergo with photosynthesis nor own chlorophylls, they simply just take away the nutrients that the plants can produce with the help of sunlight.

There are hundreds of mushrooms growing around the world, but they are generally divided into three classes:

1. Saprophytes  

These are variants that grow on dead woods and plants. They absorb the carbon dioxide and minerals from these dead materials. In return, this gives them their essential functions and properties. Some of the mushrooms in this class are being used for culinary and medicinal purposes. They serve as the cleaners of decomposing plants and other biological organisms in the world.

2. Parasites

Just like the other creatures, these parasites are considered as killers of the living organisms in the Kingdom of Plants. They steal the essential nutrients that a plant must absorb to survive. The mushrooms included in this class are toxic and deadly.

3. Mycorrhiza  

The third group which is the rarest among the three. They form commensalism with the trees where they live.  They take nutrients from the main body in exchange for a better nutrient which will further nourish the main organism.

Ancient Empires such as the Chinese dynasties discovered the use of fungi species for medicinal properties. It can be considered that the Chinese people are the most experienced and well-researched in the Kingdom of Fungi. They were successful in pointing the species which are good to use for medicine, the toxic ones, and the other unnecessary fungi that can only serve for biological purposes in the forests.

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Its Medicinal Properties

the medicinal properties of mushroom tea

Mushroom teas, when prepared properly, can be good for the following medicinal matters:

  • It can help you fight Cancer

In a study done by Heliyon in 2016, it showed that edible mushrooms have anti-cancer properties. These properties can help experimental mice to be stronger in suppressing cancer cells. As the show favored positive results, experts believe that the same will happen with a human body, considering that mice are warm-blooded creatures just like us humans.

In this study, Chaga Mushrooms were used similar to what was used in South Korea.

  • It can help you decrease your Blood Sugar Levels

This manifestation of regulating your blood sugars has been proven by the International Review of Medicinal Mushrooms in 2011. They have to feed the mushroom variants to diabetic mice. On the following months, they have seen a decreasing trend of blood sugars in the experimental mice.

With this successful study, scientists believed that this change is also applicable to humans, considering that the blood sugars between humans and mice are of the same.

In this research, they have used Reishi and Chaga Mushrooms.

  • It can give you the energy you need

If you think that milk, coffees and other energy fluids are the only drinks that can give you the energy supply you need, think again. In a study carried in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine last 2010, records show that the 20 respondents produce higher energy levels. They can hit the gym for longer times, without the feeling of being tired.

What’s surprising in the respondents, all of them are taking the volume of capsulated mushrooms with thrice more of its contents, compared with a 100-milligram coffee.

  • It gives you a good supply of oxygen to your blood

Mushroom teas made of Cordyceps are great. Cordyceps is a type of mushroom known to help and increase the supply of oxygen in your body. It has been a long practice that cordyceps are mixed with the hot teas, as well as the powdered medicines, and other products with mushrooms as their main ingredients.

  • It can help you heal from your wounds

Healing of wounds is sped up by lion’s mane mushrooms. It can also help you in repairing your nerves. In another study with the rats and mice, the said strain helped its specimen to recover from the injuries they have experienced before placing them to the said research facilities.

It may come from one of the fiercest animals in the world, but the lion’s mane mushroom is a gentle kind of its own, protecting those who consumed them in the fastest way that they can do.

Make Way for an Emerging Giant!

The mushrooms have been playing a major role part in the Ancient Medicinal Practices, especially in the Asian Kingdoms of China, Korea, Japan, and the Sub-Indian Continents, as well as the Indochina and the other surrounding kingdoms.

They may have grown from an extremely different and odd environment, but the mushrooms already proved their reputation in healing use from different health conditions that we endure every single day.

These Mushroom teas are now becoming a worldwide trend and begin to expand in the Western countries, where the people living in those countries have simply no idea on how good the mushroom teas can do to us and our bodies.

These teas should not intimidate the other growers, instead, it must inspire them to work more on their plants or seeds to promote the beauty and importance of herbal medicines in our lives.

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