Tools Required for Shroom Cultivation: What are They?

Magic mushrooms have been cultivated and consumed for many centuries. They are commonly used for recreational purposes and are known for their powerful hallucinogenic properties. Most of its effects include proper relaxation and intense introspective spiritual experience. While many are enticed to consume magic mushrooms due to its potency, there are also side effects such as hallucinations and psychosis that should be known for any who want to try it out.

If you plan on growing your shrooms, there are certain tools required for shroom cultivation that you should know. Whether you are new to mushroom cultivation or a seasoned grower, you will need to acquire these tools to have high-quality yields.

The Tools Required For Shroom Cultivation

With the ever-growing need to cultivate the right potency of magic mushrooms, certain tools required for shroom cultivation is important. Whether you have all the knowledge on which mycelium you have, the tools remain the same and they remain significant to the success of your mushroom farm.

  1. Hygrometer and Thermometer

The hygrometer and thermometer are two of the basic tools that each magic mushroom cultivator should have. A hygrometer will let you know the humidity within a certain environment while a thermometer will help you discern the temperature. It is important to know how these tools function within your farm as these tools monitor both the humidity and the temperature that allows the fungus to grow properly within the said environment.

Temperature and humidity play a huge role in the growth of magic mushrooms and without these instruments, you are placing your fungus at risk. Always check your hygrometer and make sure that the environment has an optimal 90% humidity and a temperature of around 21 to 27C. This is the ideal environment that will help your fungus grow perfectly.

  1. Heat Mat

Another tool that you will need when it comes to shroom cultivation is a heat mat. Magic mushrooms tend to grow well in an environment with suitable temperatures mentioned above. Any drop in temperature will cause the shroom’s growth to slow down and can even stop it altogether. This can also result in slow colonization thus hampering the overall result of your fungus farm. It can also delay the maturity of the mushrooms thus extending your time to fully recuperate from this loss.

Through the use of a heat mat, you slightly increase the temperature surrounding the fungus thus speeding up the colonization process. While most farmers would want to go for a radiator to increase the temperature, a heat mat will do its job well and lets you control the temperature more effectively. Heat mats generally produce heat at around 24C which is the most ideal temperature for fungus growth.

  1. Erlenmeyer Flask and Syringes

Erlenmeyer flasks are essential tools for any magic mushroom grower. It is a perfect way to sterilize the water that you will need to make the spores and agar. It also helps prevent the risk of contamination which can be detrimental to your mushrooms. Syringes are also needed to make your spore syringes. Make sure to sterilize them first before using them.

  1. Mushroom Grow Bags or Bottles

Mushroom grow bags are disposable plastic bags made of polypropylene or high-density polyethylene. These are needed to contain the mushrooms as they grow.

However, these plastic bags may not be the most environmentally friendly tools for growing magic mushrooms. You can also use growing bottles instead. Using a bottle culture has a lot of advantages for many mushroom growers who seek to increase their yield. For one, it is better for the environment. The resulting trash you make out of the plastic bags is not healthy for the environment and to produce less waste, you can easily choose to go with bottles instead.

Growing mushrooms in bottles help with uniformity. You grow mushrooms with consistent sizes and shapes which allows for much easier cultivation, harvest, and packaging. Apart from that, large scale mushroom farmers also benefit from using bottles as they are more efficient and lower the cost of labor and overall expenses.

  1. Brown Rice and Vermiculite

Another essential tool needed for magic mushroom cultivation is brown rice and vermiculite. When these two are combined, they make the substrate wherein the mushrooms are grown. In preparing the substrate, you will need to have full organic brown rice. Avoid using brown rice with preservatives which can affect the growth of the mushrooms. Make sure to store your organic brown rice properly before using them to avoid insect attack or bacterial growth. Make some brown rice powder by running them over to your coffee grinder.

Next, you will need vermiculite. It is soft volcanic gravel that is used together with the brown rice flour to make the substrate. This type of soil is known to soak up moisture so your mushrooms will have a supply of water for its growth. Mix the vermiculite with the brown rice flour and add water. The vermiculite will attract different nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and many more which are essential for the mushroom’s growth.

  1. Pressure Cooker

One might think of how a pressure cooker can fit as an essential tool for mushroom cultivation. A pressure cooker is an important tool as it allows for proper sterilization of the jars after the substrate mixture has been placed within the bottles. This way, you prevent the risk of contamination and reduce bacterial growth from the jars which can harm your mushrooms.

  1. Drill Bit

This is needed to drill a hole onto the lid of the bottles or jar for you to insert the syringes during the introduction or injection of the spores into the sterilized substrate.

Quick Description on How To Grow Magic Mushrooms

Gather all the tools you need. Drill a hole into the lid of the bottles or jars just enough size to fit in the syringes. Next, mix the brown rice powder and vermiculite to form a substrate. Fill the jars with the substrate and seal the jar. Cover the lid with aluminum foil and place the jars on the pressure cooker. Sterilize the substrate for about an hour. Let it cool overnight and inject the spores from the syringe into the jar through the hole from the lid. The spores will then colonize the entire jar until it fully blooms.

Store the jars in a dark place with temperatures around 21 to 27C. Use the heat mat to control the temperature at around 24C to ensure the proper growth of the mushrooms.

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Whether you are a hobby grower or a full-scale magic mushroom producer, knowing the tools required for shroom cultivation is essential to ensure that you have what it takes to produce high-quality magic mushrooms for everyone to enjoy.

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