Trippy Mushrooms to Take Anywhere

Looking for magic mushrooms or psychedelic mushrooms is not quite that hard and tricky because you can even see them on your backyards. After all, the psychedelic mushrooms are very abundant in nature. But, is it okay for trippy mushrooms to take anywhere?

Remember that you should always be very strict when it comes to recognizing your shrooms because there is a lot of strains that can grow in your backyard along with the one that you want which is the magic shrooms. It is given that the magic mushrooms come with different shapes and sizes and of course they have their different levels of toxicity that’s why you need to be careful about picking one. When you don’t examine the mushroom that you will pick you might get the one that causes mild poisoning that’s why always be careful with the one that causes your death. You should always know the difference between the poisonous one and the safe one. 

Trippy Mushrooms to Take Anywhere

There are a lot of species of magic mushroom for trippers and there are about 227 classified and accepted species that are discovered. Let me see some of it.

  1. Psilocybe semilanceata

It is a species that is a commonly available psychedelic shroom and it is usually seen in the mountains of Australia, New Zealand, America, Europe, and Asia, and this type of shrooms is also known as the “Liberty Caps” because of its dark bell-shaped tops identification and that the stem of the psychedelic shrooms is usually slim and it is wavy. It’ sone of the best trippy mushrooms to take anywhere.

  1. Panaeolus or the Copelandia Cyanescens

This is usually known as the “Hawaiian” shrooms and this is not the most distinct species of the psychedelic shrooms and this species has a long slim stem that is paired with slightly brown to slightly gray-colored caps. This species can also be seen to grow all over the world but commonly grow in South and North America, Western Africa, Europe, Oceania, and Asia.

  1. Psilocybe Cyanescens

This species can be easily recognized because of its undulating tops and with this characteristic of the species it is referred to as the “Wavy Caps”. In the present day, they are the most potent species of magic mushroom that reaches 1.96 of active compound content that is present in this species. This species of magic mushroom can be found in the Bay area, West Coast of USA, New Zealand, Western and Central Europe, and other parts of Western Asia.

  1. Psilocybe Azurescens

This species of magic mushroom has earned the top 5 for having the highest psilocybin concentration of psilocybin magic mushroom. It is very endemic to the part of the West Coast of USA and most specifically in Washington and Oregon. The species of magic mushroom has almost 1.80% of psilocybin concentration. This species of magic mushroom has also a high amount of baeocystin. A baeocystin is a chemical analog of psilocybin. 

Among other species of magic mushroom, this Psilocybe Azurescens contains up to 10 times more of psilocybin compound by the dry weight that makes it the most potent species of magic mushroom that exists. These shrooms are also one of the prettiest species of the magic mushroom because they have a slim stem and these species has also a convex caramel colored cap that makes them more attractive and they also have a conical shaped top. 

  1. Psilocybe Subcubensis and Psilocybe Cubensis

These two species of magic mushrooms grow in tropical areas. The Psilocybe Cubensis is also known as the “Golden Teacher” and it has a very distinct appearance. It has a long winding stem and has wide caps and this type of species of magic mushroom is relatively easy to maintain and to cultivate. Though this has only mild potency and it has only a variety of effects it is still appreciated by trippers. 

Psilocybe Cubensis are also robust in terms of changing conditions as well as the change of weather while the Psilocybe Subcubensis is the sister of P. Cubensis is one of the common and widespread types of mushrooms in the world and this species is considered as “Pantropica” because it can be found in the hemispheres and the tropical and subtropical areas in the world. 

This Psilocybe Subcubensis is also known as the “Cubes”, “ Golden Tops”, and “Golden Caps” and they are commonly found in clumps growing out with some dung. The common things that the Psilocybe Cubensis and Psilocybe Subcubensis have for each other are that they are both be seen in the wild and cultivations. 

  1. Psilocybe Tampanensis

Commonly known as the “Magic Truffles” and “Philosophers Stone”. This produces truffles or usually called “Scletoria” that contains psilocybin and this can be seen to have a small yellow-brown with conic cap mushrooms and this can grow underground and this species of magic mushroom contains 0.68 percent of psilocybin and it also contains 0.32 percent of psilocin. 

This type of mushroom is quite elegant because it produces truffles that can only be sold in special shops. This species of magic mushroom is also quite pricy because it is very hard to find and harvest it in the wild but in the present day with the help of researchers, they have discovered how to cultivate it even in your backyard for the easy growth of this species. 

  1. Psilocybe Mexicana

This species is also one of the species of magic mushrooms that is very traditional. This species of magic mushroom is believed to be used in ceremonies that are cleared “Teonanacatl” which means “Flesh of the Gods” by the Nahuatl and Aztec people. This type of magic mushroom usually grows on rainy days and loves to grow in forests, soils that are rich in manure, alongside roads and trails, and in most areas.


We have discussed the trippy mushrooms to take anywhere. Take them all you want as long as it is legal in that place. You have to consult on the International Legality of Psilocybin before taking it or buying it anywhere. By looking for psilocybin you must consider the legal aspects that should be done and you can use or consider a guided retreat for more information.

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