What is Mushroom Tea Good For

While magic mushrooms became famous because they were used as a recreational drug in the 1960s, they have been utilized all over the world for thousands of years by nomadic tribes and ancient civilizations. The Aztecs called magic mushrooms as teonanacatl, which translates to mean the flesh of the gods.

But not all magic mushrooms allow their users pleasant psychedelic trips. Some species are simply not strong enough. Other strains can induce nausea more than revelations. For this reason, most people use the magic mushrooms in the Psilocybe genus, a group of gilled mushrooms that include several species with battle-tested psychedelic properties. Among those properties are psilocybin, psilocin, and baeocystin which are the main compounds responsible for the psychoactive effects.

If you do a quick online search, you would find a wide variety of experiences, from the most sublime and the most spiritual to the most terrifying and the most fearful situations. What is mushroom tea good for? Read more to find out.

The Most Usual Results You Will Experience on Magic Mushroom Tea Trips

what is mushroom tea good for

What experience do you seek when drinking mushroom tea? Every person has special preferences and there are actually many chances that can alter one’s experiences because of various factors. Despite some differences, a major percentage of users feel the following unique occurrences.

  • Visual Enhancement

    Some individuals experience external visions, while other people perceive more internal visions. For others, visions may be lighter but with a journey filled with cosmic downloads. Magic mushrooms will allow you to see colors more vividly.

    The colors are brighter and the earth feels like it is alive. You might feel and see the ground somewhat breathing. You might see trails as birds are flying from the sky and objects moving even if they are not alive. Seeing some faces in trees, rocks, and other things is also possible. You can get chances to see things that will lead you to rub your eyes and look again if you ingested a larger dose of highly visionary species.

  • Auditory Hallucinations

You might feel some sounds are enhanced and a bit distorted in slightly comical and weird ways. Some kinds of music can even sound more amazing when you take magic mushrooms. It is a weird feeling that can be liked or despised, depending on your tastes.

  • Time and Space Distortions 

Many mushroom trippers can experience that time slows down or like it is standing still. This may be because magic mushrooms have a way of making you feel extremely present. The more present you are, the more you are aware of the time. You may also see distances at least a bit warped. Objects that are near can seem farther away, and vice versa. You may also experience a cosmic wondering about space versus time, questioning the usual belief that time is being linear and the universe is out there.

  • Emotional Release 

Psilocybin mushrooms possess the ability to heal trauma and allow the user to revisit a traumatic experience through a different perspective. You will be able to experience a cathartic emotional release through hysterical laughing, crying, and other similar feelings. This will give way to healing and having a new sense of self. Scientific studies are now considering the use of psilocybin for the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, and end of life anxiety.

  • Ontological Paradigm Shifts 

Taking magic mushrooms allows the users some clarity against belief systems and traditional thoughts instilled by the world. Mushroom promoters believe that this is the reason why authorities do not like people taking mushrooms. They believe this is dangerous for the people who hold power. If mushrooms become legal everywhere, we will see people rising up against control systems in place to keep humans compliant, obedient, and meek.

  • Body Bliss 

Magic mushroom enthusiasts report the physical sensation of being euphorically blissed out during the trip. Mushroom teas will extremely heighten bodily sensations. This takes yoga, massage, dance, and other physical activities beyond what the mind can imagine.

  • Cognitive and Spiritual Rebirth 

After going through a complete examination of your belief system, personal history and the joys of living in a different manner, you will have a newfound appreciation with everything that you see, smell and touch. It will feel like you are someone who was born again, exploring the world with your enhanced mind. 

  • Bringing the Unexpected

Magic mushrooms are called magical for a reason. Eating them brings unexpected synchronicities and occurrences with profound, life-changing implication for the users. More importantly, people are connected with something precious that we tend to neglect as we grow older. 

Basic Benefits of Taking Mushroom Tea

what is mushroom tea good for

Once you find out how to make psilocybin tea, you may want to try them right away. Aside from their benefits of masking the taste of magic mushrooms, there are many other benefits that make doing this extra worthwhile. First, the psychedelic effects of psilocybin mushrooms kick in much more quickly compared to when you eat them. Within 10 to 15 minutes or maybe even before you finish your first cup, you can already feel the effects.

If you are inexperienced, though, try to drink one cup at first, until you know that you can handle the effects. Be sure that you are in a place where you are surrounded only by people you can trust that will not take advantage of you. You should also have a sitter who will check on you when you start to freak out a bit or if you think some effects are too weird.

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Another benefit of drinking psilocybin mushroom tea is that many people do not experience the stomach upset they get when they intake magic mushrooms fresh and dried. This is because the mushroom tea is much gentler by being mixed with honey, lemon, or ginger at times. They also do not stay in your stomach as long as dried mushrooms would.


If these experiences are something that you are eager to try, you would definitely enjoy magic mushrooms. Magic mushroom tea is good for an out-of-body experience or a social yet spiritual high. Just make sure you acquire your mushroom stash from legitimate sources and you verify if they are poisonous or safe for consumption. Always stay safe and observe safety precautions.

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