When to Harvest B+ Mushrooms

B+ magic mushrooms are known for their potency. It is one of the most famous mushrooms and is a widely established hallucinogenic mushroom all over the world. It is known to be very easy to cultivate and is regularly grown and distributed across the globe. The use of mushrooms for recreational purposes can be traced back to thousands of years ago and up to this day, people are still using them for its side effects.

When growing mushrooms, there is also a nagging feeling about when to harvest B+ mushrooms? Chances are, only those who have the proper knowledge in mushroom cultivation would know when and how to harvest these fungi for proper potency and consumption.

What are B+ Mushrooms?

B+ mushrooms are known for their beauty and potency. They are popular due to their abundance and quality. Many cultivators would want to grow these types of mushrooms because they are very easy to cultivate and are known to have heavy spore deposits. They can grow large which makes it even more profitable. These mushrooms are also resilient and can withstand different environmental factors. They are widely known to grow in areas where there are grains and dung preferably around meadows and fields.

B+ mushrooms usually take around 8 to 15 days for colonization with temperatures ranging from 28 to 30 Celsius. Fruiting temperature must be observed at around 23 to 25 Celsius. These numbers will play an important role in growing the best possible B+ mushrooms.

Why Grow B+ Mushrooms?

There are many reasons why beginner growers or even the most experienced growers tend to choose B+ mushrooms as their go-to strain for cultivation. Apart from its resiliency outdoors, they are known to grow in many different substrates thus they are very versatile. These mushrooms are quite adaptable to their environment and often adjust with the surrounding condition and temperature.

This makes it easier for new growers to learn and adapt their cultivation skills accordingly. This also means that growers can gather knowledge without having to risk immense profit for their next batch of crops.

Growing B+ mushrooms also allow you to have a limitless supply of magic mushrooms for you to enjoy. The effects are highly advised for those who want to have a spiritual experience in life and are enough of a reason to start growing these mushrooms in your own home.

How To Grow and When To Harvest B+ Mushrooms?

When it comes to growing B+ mushrooms, there are two ways to do this. For beginners, it is highly recommended that you try to use a mushroom grow kit. These are optimized kits that would allow you to grow mushrooms without having to undergo strict guidelines and sterilization processes. Those who want to customize the entire process of cultivation and still get the best yield possible would rather go for these grow kits.

Another option for those who want to take full control of the way their mushrooms grow is through cultivating spores. Spore cultivation is an advanced technique in growing mushrooms. This means that cultivators grow B+ mushrooms from scratch and are the ones to prepare and create their farm.

Now that you have your mushroom farm, the question now is when to harvest B+ mushrooms? Magic mushrooms that are picked too soon might not have their full potential realized. Those that are picked too late will lose their potency and instead have their substrate filled with spores.

The best time to harvest these mushrooms is just before the veil breaks. This usually happens around the fifth to the twelfth day after the first mushroom pins begin to appear from the substrate. The veil is a thin sticky layer that holds the mushroom cap together with the stem. Once it starts to break or tear apart, that is the right time for you to harvest your mushrooms.

You might be wondering why this is the right time to harvest your mushrooms. This is because the veil connects the cap to the stem. The cap holds the spores within the gills. By the time the veil breaks, the cap opens up to uncover the gills. This is the time when the mushrooms become mature and are ready to spread the spores. By harvesting it just before it is ready to reproduce, you prevent it from spreading the spores and preserve the potency of the mushrooms when it is at its prime.

Waiting to harvest your mushrooms after the veil has broken will also lose the potency of the mushrooms especially after it has released all the spores. This might be a good indication for harvest but it also does not mean that the right time to harvest them. There are still several factors that you should consider before harvesting your B+ mushrooms. Factors such as the overall growth and development of the mushrooms, the specific strain, level of humidity, and temperature must be observed first before deciding to harvest your mushrooms.

All of these can be done to preserve the quality and the potency of each mushroom. Experience is the key to learning when and how to harvest these mushrooms to produce high-quality products.

Effects of High-Quality Mushrooms

The reason why you would want to harvest B+ mushrooms at the right moment is all about consistency of quality. Mushrooms with high quality tend to produce the best experience for its user. These effects include an introspective experience, visual and auditory hallucinations, relaxation, stress relief, and increased creativity and positivity. Mushrooms that are harvested too soon or too late will not have the same quality as the ones that are timed right.


When it comes to finding out when to harvest B+ mushrooms, it all boils down to proper timing and knowledge about mushroom cultivation. Sure, certain factors will likely affect the growth and maturity of the shrooms but they are key to the success of your production.

Make sure to remember that humidity, temperature, growth factor, strain, and timing is what it takes to produce a good quality B+ mushrooms that you will surely enjoy.

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