White Magic Mushrooms: Features and Benefits

The world of magic mushrooms can be a big and intimidating venture to tread for the newbies. It is odd to think that those little caps that grow in your backyard or random corners of your home could put you in a trance. Today, different sectors are making efforts to legalize white magic mushrooms mainly for medication, and this is because of the positive results it consistently gives back. 

In other parts of the world, growing the shrooms yourself is legal and must be consumed privately. Depending on which strain you’re looking at, magic mushrooms come in different shapes and colors with unique flavors too. One common type you may have heard of by now are white magic mushrooms, common in tropical regions, but can also grow in cooler climates too. White magic mushrooms of course are pale capped shrooms that can have brown to bluish spots when bruised. They share that bitter shroom taste that consumers try to disguise by serving them on top of different meals or mixing them in drinks to still experience the trip without having to pack a punch on their taste buds. 

The best part about white magics is the benefits they have to offer. As tiny as they seem, they can do a lot more help for your health even with the smallest dose. This psychedelic will surely get you psyched to try them at the end of this feature with 10 of the magical benefits you can get from white magic mushrooms.

Magical Benefits of White Magic Mushrooms


  • High Without the Addiction


Magic mushrooms have been tested and proven not to cause addiction and drug abuse. Hence, it has been prescribed for the medical treatment of several conditions and has come back with positive results. Though the amount psilocybin varies among strains, mushies, in general, have quite a low potency but can already give a fair trip with a few servings. Of course, prescriptions would limit the patient’s dosage, but even with other users who needed more psilocybin did not experience any changes despite how much and how often they consumed shrooms.


  • Safe and Healthy Munch


Unlike most substances and drugs, white magic mushrooms can’t do as much harm to the body. As overdose and addiction are a couple more risks that you don’t have to worry about, psychedelic mushrooms also can’t hurt your organs – a safer pick for those who need the relaxing and uplifting effects you would find for example in smoking cannabis or chugging down a few beers. Whether it’s for recreational or medical use, shrooms are suitable for both. Your lungs, heart, kidney, and liver, are all marked safe, as long as you have no allergies to mushrooms at least.


  • Never Too Much Magic


As mentioned earlier, it’s impossible to get an overdose from magic mushrooms. Liberties are only supposed to be microdose in the first place, meaning you can only take small amounts of it regularly. Larger doses will only heighten the desirable effects of experiencing trances and euphoria, but users should also be aware that side effects may also arise from this. Nonetheless, more magic can’t lead to addiction or substance abuse, but it is still strongly advised to take it easy and consume your shrooms responsibly.


  • Up, Up, and Away!


The mushies can surely make you all mushy in the feels. Magic mushrooms have been highly recommended for its euphoric effect on the mind that puts you at ease and gets you a bit giggly and tingly. Magic mushrooms are capable of increasing the release of serotonin in your body, also known as the happy hormone. Once this takes effect, a few grams of shrooms can tip you off for a long, happy, and hippy trip ahead.


  • Some Magic for your Mental Health


Since shrooms can uplift your mood, they have also been an aid in the treatment of emotional and mental disorders. People who experience depression and anxiety share that the influence of Magic mushrooms has been effective in suppressing the feelings often associated with these conditions such as anxiousness, irritability, and grief. Its euphoria and visuals from the psychoactive property of the psilocybin can also calm those with obsessive-compulsive disorder and PTSD.


  • Fighting Cancer Anxiety


Though still being investigated, white shrooms are administered to cancer patients who may have mental health concerns due to their condition. The study continues to give positive feedback, as psilocybin proves its effectiveness at reducing anxiety and depression that has been linked to the disease. The intake of Magic mushrooms also has no harmful effects on the body and does not interfere with other medications with strict compliance with their prescription.


  • Recovering from Addiction and Substance Abuse


An interesting fact about the benefits of white magic mushrooms is how it has been helping people win over drug addiction and substance abuse. This is once again thanks to the psilocybin component of these shrooms. Patients who were microdosing on the liberties shared that they gradually lost the craving and addiction for certain drugs and even liquor, plus they even preferred the relaxing sensation from the trip. White magic mushrooms for the treatment of drug addiction and substance abuse are still studied about to this date but consistently give promising results. 


  • Relaxing Visual Trips


Most would think psychedelic drugs are dangerous because of the hallucinations they cause. However, the descriptions of these visual distortions are not accurate to the experiences of users themselves. While you would think a person on psychedelics could be seeing unicorns and leprechauns prancing around the street, but that’s quite far from the visuals brought about by the mental high. 

Members of the magic mushroom community say that their surroundings become more vibrant and would simply see lines and shapes that can be comforting though stuck in a daze. These trips are not only soothing to the mind but can also promote creative thinking, perfect for artists and creators who might be going through an art block and are searching for some inspiration. 


  • Goodbye to Headaches and Chronic Pain


“A few grams of magic mushrooms a week can avoid pain at its peak,” can be one way to describe how good mushies are at relieving pain. Hallucinogens and opioids have been used way back in earlier times to treat pain, and it has gone a long way until now. 

Just like most pain relief drugs, this psychedelic fungi can numb the pain receptors in our brain, which is just the remedy you need for that killer migraine. Doctors prescribe taking Magic mushrooms as well for the treatment of chronic pain and claim to be more efficient compared to other pain-relieving drugs.


  • Fuel up with Fungi


If you think that those numbing and giddy trips would knock you out in an instant, well think again. The little white shrooms can get you hyped for a busy day or long night of work to accomplish. A bit of white magic in your system can help increase blood flow and enhance the information processing of your brain’s receptors, hence sharpening your focus. Just like the other benefits listed earlier, consuming white magic mushies for this purpose must also be done through microdosing for the best results.


If you’re feeling a lot less anxious now about what white magic mushrooms can do for you, we advise you seek professional help first. Get in touch with your doctor about how you can consume white shrooms to keep you safe while you enjoy the ride from the trip. They could also prescribe what strains could be perfect for you to get more desirable effects. With guidance and moderation, your trip with mushies can be a whole new exciting experience.

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