Will Shrooms Show Up on a Drug Test?

Psychedelics are becoming a trend. It is making a come back. Psychedelics are hallucinogens that bring about changes in perception, thinking, and mood. It can affect the senses by altering a person’s thinking, emotions, and sense of time.

Psilocybin is a popular psychedelic that can be found in magic mushrooms. Many people now are wondering will shrooms show up on a drug test? That is a normal reaction since Magic Mushrooms contain psilocybin with high potency.

Psilocybin mushrooms are now consumed in many ways and can be found in many states and countries. Thus it is just normal for people to worry if magic mushrooms will appear on a drug test as they are also concerned with legal matters.

Psilocybin has been found to have clinical application still, it remains a Schedule I drugs. Though it has been legitimized in places like Denver and Oakland., it is still illegal to possess and sell it in many places.

Shrooms drug test

How long Does It Take Effect?

After consuming magic mushroom, either edible or infused in drinks, it will normally take about 20 – 40 minutes before you start to feel the effects. By this time, the psilocybin may have been broken into pieces and is now acting on the serotonin receptors of the human brain.

The peak of the effect can be felt for about one hundred twenty minutes after consuming the magic mushroom. It stays in the body for about 6 hours as the psilocybin enters the bloodstream.

The mental effects include a feeling of relaxation, having a great introspective experience, euphoric, energetic, and the feeling of being happy. It can also bring about negative effects such as feeling anxious, paranoia, nervousness, and panic attacks.

Will shrooms show up on a drug test?

It is difficult to come up with a definite answer now because there are so many types of drug tests available. With most routine and common drug test kits, cannot detect shrooms. Some highly specialized testing kits may be able to but the regular kits used cannot detects shrooms. The most common drug test is urine.

  • Urine Test – this is the standard 5-9 panel drug test that is being administered. The urine test usually detects THC, PCO, cocaine, amphetamines, and opioids. Generally, the magic mushroom will not show up on a 5-panel test unless you intend to go on a specialized test. Magic mushroom lasts in a person’s system for about 2-3 days varying on the usage.
  • Blood – this method is less popular but it can be conducted if needed. But this method does not also guarantee the detection of the magic mushrooms in the body.
  • Hair – Hair follicles can also contain magic mushrooms or the psychedelic that it contains but it will take a lot of hairs to get the desired amount.

How long does the effect of Magic Mushroom last in the body?

The Magic Mushroom lasts for about 4-6 hours in the body but for some people, it seems to last longer. After the trip, you may still feel lingering effects that can last until the next 24 hours. There are important factors that can affect the severity and the duration of the effects.

  • The amount of the dosage. The amount you consume is very important. Magic mushrooms come in different potency so it is important to take note of how much you have consumed. The amount of magic mushroom in your body will determine if it is detectable.
  • Which kind of magic mushroom. Magic mushrooms come in different species. There is about 200 specie of magic mushrooms. It also varies on the amount of psilocybin that it contains. The more psilocybin it contains, the longer it stays in the body.
  • The manner of consumption. How you consume the magic mushroom matters most. Whether you may have consumed it dried or fresh. You may have ingested it by infusing it to a drink or food. How you consume you shroom will affect its potency thus the effect in the body. Magic mushroom which is taken raw is more potent than those who are infused to drinks or food.
  • The Time between the consumption and the testing. Psilocybin is quickly flushed out of the body system. The sooner the drug test is performed after taking the shrooms the higher the chances that it can be perceived.
  • Body chemistry – how the body reacts with the substance is also a very important factor. Every person has a unique body chemistry. The metabolism, kidney, and liver go as slow as we age. Thus, the older the person is, the psilocybin also stays longer into the system. This is true with other substances.
  • Our bodies react differently. No two body is the same that is why we also react differently to the effect of magic mushroom.
  • What’s on your stomach. What you ate while consuming a magic mushroom will also matter when it takes effect. When you have taken a lot of food, the slower the psilocybin to move on the digestive system.

Normally, people, especially magic mushroom consumers would raise their concern will the shroom show up on a drug test. The fact that they are ingesting something that contains a Schedule I drug is something that they have to be very keen with and stay low with. Knowing how much amount of magic mushrooms should be taken is very important as well.

This is for safety purposes and as a responsible user, you should know your limits. You should how much you should be getting for the day, what type of shroom to take, how to take it, and how to keep it low.


Will shrooms show up on a drug test?

For now, it is hard to tell as it does not show on the basic drug test kits that are being administered to see check the presence of psychedelics in the body. So far, the psilocybin from shrooms is difficult to detect especially because psilocybin can be eliminated within 24 hours after ingestion.

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